Serviced Offices

We understand that every second counts for you

And therefore, we like to make that every second spent an experience worthwhile! Choose from the wide range of configurations that best suit your requirement, be it board rooms, serviced offices, shared offices, meeting rooms, multiple desks, reception, break-out areas, or cafeterias, even before you know you want it, it’ll be waiting for you in no time.

Business Centres

With Redshift expect :

  • Workspaces that are well equipped with the best and latest in technology & furnishings
  • Business centres that are easily accessible and boast of hassle-free parking
  • Office spaces where one is greeted by a striking reception for a lasting first impression
  • Meeting rooms where brainstorming is hi-tech
  • Business office space where your phone-calls are answered by professionals
  • Immaculate housekeeping and maintenance

To keep it simple, our business centers and business office spaces give you a feel of that special personal touch in anything and everything that is around.

Redshift provides professionally trained support staff for all its clients’ requirements. Starting from
  • Administrative support
  • Cleanliness and hygiene maintenance support
  • Office pantry support
  • Security support
  • IT and telecom services support
  • Vendor management support

When with Redshift, be rest assured.

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So you’ve just landed in the city and want to immediately start work on that dream project? Don’t worry about finding commercial office space and office staff. With Redshift, all is ready on the platter so that you can focus on making a huge success out of your dream project.

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It doesn’t matter if your choice is Italian, European, Modular or for that matter Retro. Name it and we have it. The safe, durable, and chic furnishings that we create for your workplace will make it come alive.

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Virtual is the next real. And sometimes virtual offices are even better as they spare you the cost of occupying and doing-up a physical office space. Suitable especially for start-up, small and home-based businesses or those looking for risk free expansion into new markets. A virtual office provides benefits like

  • Flexible need based spending
  • A great business address to choose from
  • Dedicated Local Phone number/Fax Number
  • Personalized call answering in your company name
  • Service of professional receptionist to handle your guests virtually
  • Handling messages, mails and forwarding them as per your instructions
  • Complete Business Support at Minimal cost Administrative support
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After all, you spend the most crucial hours of your life around your office space. Therefore, your office space ought to be worth it. Keeping in mind the landscape and the view, Redshift provides office spaces ranging from

  • Small one to two-person offices
  • Through to larger units and suites
  • Drive-up studios and workshops
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The place where most productive thinking takes place must be supportive! Redshift offers efficient and cost effective solutions to conduct your meetings. Whether you want to conduct an interview, training session, client meeting or give a presentation to your team, our meeting rooms provide facilities to suit all your requirements.

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For those who love to work, responsibility takes the forefront and there’s hardly any room for comfort. But what if we tell you that there’s still a way about? Redshift dedicates it’s offering, the Business Lounges, to the professionals who love to work. Now, enjoy brainstorming, deal-cracking, and project acquisition in comfortable lounges designed for business.

Here, the cacophony is replaced with soothing music in the background, sofas to rest your body, panorama around, and the routine coffee just turned into the refreshing cuppa! Comfort designed for business.

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You don’t have the time to spare on search, construction, set-up, and support for an office space? Redshift is your one-stop-shop offering ready to move in office spaces through a host of solutions like premium Executive Suites, Meeting Rooms, Training/Conference Rooms and Virtual Offices.

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With flexibility comes optimum usage of resources. Now, Maximize your productivity by paying only for the office time you use, at the same time enjoying the full benefits of our administrative and IT support while you're there.

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You want to start something new? Just do it! Don’t spend anxious moments thinking about finding a place, getting administrative, IT, backend, and maintenance support for your office. Redshift has a special offering, our Start- up Offices, conceptualized specially to cater to your need. Now focus all your time and energy only on your business activity. For everything else we are there.

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Flexibility is the keyword. Avail the benefit of our unique rolling license under which your business is free to stay as long as you need to. You also have the option to upsize and downsize within the centre at the shortest possible notice, as and when your business requires flexibility.

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Now, you can have your office in a purpose built, professional building alongside other small to big businesses, creating a unique shared office experience. Redshift’s shared office space gives you and other like minded people the opportunity for both formal and informal networking as great business deals are sometime cracked over a cup of coffee.

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It’s dynamic world out there and the need of the hour is to make a mark in the swiftest way possible! Therefore, enjoy the advantage of our Temporary Offices that are ready-to-go offices where you can start working from immediately with full service and backend support provided by Redshift on short-term basis.

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People spend more than one fourth of their lives in offices and their workspaces. Since, so much time is spent in an office or workspace day in and day out, the area must look interesting and exciting so as to make your work experience worth it!

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Redshift Business Centre, situated in Gurgaon, is a leader in providing cutting-edge workspace solutions to clients looking to make a renowned brand image in the market.

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Time is money, they say. In today’s world, time is a rare commodity. Redshift understands this and values your time. Therefore, it offers ready-to-move-in instant office spaces in Gurgaon, India to serve the client’s best interest.

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In a nutshell, Redshift office space rentals include the following amenities & services:

  • Waiting Lounge
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Business Lounge
  • Furniture, bulletin board, telephone equipment, lamps, plants etc.
  • Wi-Fi and High speed Internet connections
  • Office cleaning and maintenance
  • Air-conditioning during office business centre hours
  • Clerical Assistance
  • Administrative and Secretarial Support
  • Live Virtual Receptionist taking calls in your Company name and mail / courier handling
  • Cafeteria – Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Cable/Satellite TV
  • 24 x 7 Security and Fire Safety
  • Server room / UPS room

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Customised Managed Offices

We don’t make it; we create it only for you!

The anxiety, the pressure, and the palpitation that occurs while you plan a venture, is not hidden from us. Whether you’re starting a new business, looking to expand, or planning an upgrade of technology and support, Redshift is there to support you in every endeavour. Our Customised Managed Offices is a unique concept providing a 360 degree solution. Through Customised Managed Offices you can avail support
in :

  • Office Space Search and Finalisation – From choosing a location that is easily accessible and suited to your requirement, to cracking the deal, we offer support from search to finalization.
  • Office Interiors and Set - up – Whether you want a two-seater, a ten-seater, or may be a 400- seater sprawling location, Redshift gathers your exact need and sets up your office done totally to match your taste.
  • IT Setup – Broadband Internet Connection, Local Area Network, Server Room, On-going Technology Update, Digital EPBAX System, Equipment & Network, Maintenance, System Support; to keep you ahead in this tech-age, we do it all for you.
  • Office Management and Maintenance – You just focus on your business activity, we’ll take care of the rest of value additions that include , House Keeping, secretarial services including typing & presentation preparation, executive catering service on request, meeting and greeting your guests, taxi, car, airline ticket and hotel bookings, and mail and fax management for you and your meeting attendees.